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Everybody has their favourite Bollywood songs which they are crazy for but does your favourite song is also the most popular one? BollyTube online have put together all the statistics from YouTube to find out most viewed Indian/Bollywood songs on YouTube. But can you guess which bags the first position? Well no need to wait as you are already on right place to watch.

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Your daily playlists might have all these popular songs that are trending big time on YouTube because these Bollywood songs are the most viewed songs on YouTube right now in 2022

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Bollywood Golden Era statistics

It’s almost impossible to choose just few great songs from over decades of popular Hindi cinema. Here is list of most watched Bollywood/Hindi songs of decade 70s,80s,90s and 2000s.

Classic old songs

Tune in to this collection of melodious songs featuring the ever gorgeous and beautiful actress of all times only on Bollywood Classics. Old classic songs have also become popular with Bollywood music aficionados in recent years. Watch the most viewed classics of all time.

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Music of 90s

We know anything and everything about 90’s makes us nostalgic. And the nostalgia reaches a euphoric stage when we talk about music, Bollywood music. So here are some of the gems from 90’s which will make you hit the dance floor and the rewind button again. Watch the most viewed songs of 80 and 90s.

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Music of 2000s

Post 2000 saw Bollywood emerge in new light with music directors bringing in elements from various music genres. Dance songs with embellishments of hip-hop and rap have become a rage with youngsters in recent years. Watch the most watched songs of decade of 2000-2009.

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Songs by Indian Regional Languages

Bollytube brings most viewed music from 15 Indian Regional Languages most popularly Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati and more.....


Most Viewed Songs of All Time

Bollytube complied list of most viewed Indian music on YouTube. List shows top 50 Indian super hit songs which hold record views across YouTube..


Indian Movie Trailers of All Time

This is set to be an epic year for Indian cinema, there are many blockbusters still to behold. One has already shattered a record before it is even released.


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