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Top 50 Most Viewed Haryanvi Music Videos on YouTube


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Wonder what are the most viewed Haryanvi Music videos on YouTube?

Haryanvi songs are no exception when it comes to entertainment, and the industry is a strong competitor to all other Indian music counterparts. In the recent era, Haryanvi music has achieved wide commercial success. The tracks are quite fulfilling and meet the cultural needs of all types of audiences. Not only people from Haryana but music enthusiasts from other states as well, love Haryanvi songs.Haryanvi songs like '52 GAJ KA DAMAN' ,'Chatak Matak', 'Coca Cola' and many which are found in the store have a myriad of hues, beats and the tunes that every person would love to shake their leg with the Haryanvi songs. The genre is quite popular in every part of the country, and most of the numbers become hot favourites for the festive and partying season.

Haryanvi music is decorated with a substantial budget influence. The audience loves to jump on the dance floor with from urban culture to rural madness bestowed by some of the engaging celebrities like Sapna Choudhary, Pranjal Dahiya, Anjali Raghav, and many other. Haryanvi language is now being used in Bollywood as well. The Haryanvi music industry is growing very fast and shinning in the world. There are billions and millions of views on Haryanvi Songs. In this article, we will talk about the most played songs of the Haryanvi music industry. Some of these songs you have heard before and some are new to you. We have collected most viewed and liked Haryanvi videos of the all time on YouTube. The most viewed compliled list get updated regularly and new videos get added automatically for up-to-date ranking. The list of these videos has been made by keeping in mind factors like views, comments, likes and their dislikes.

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